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Our Premises

The club premises consist of a playing room suitable for a comfortable maximum of 15 tables. Our club sessions are typically from 4 tables on a cold wet night to 12 tables on a mild afternoon. We have reverse-cycle air-conditioning for those days when the balmy South Coast weather is not so balmy.

We have catered for those of us who are not so agile: we have no stairs, and our bathroom facilities are suitable for the disabled.

We have a fully-equipped kitchen, from which tea, coffee and a bikkie are standard fare at all our sessions. Our Friday session has a reputation for the goodies regularly supplied by our members.

Our Sessions

All of our club duplicate sessions feature pre-dealt boards with hand records supplied immediately after the session. Scoring is via wireless table top units, and results are available within minutes of the end of the session.

Results are e-mailed automatically to each interested member.

Our table fees are very reasonable:
For duplicate sessions (Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays) club members pay $5.00 and visitors $7.00;
For the Wednesday lessons and supervised play the fee is $5.00 per player regardless of membership. We encourage newcomers who have played a little to come along to this session as an introduction to the club.
Annual membership for locals is $25.00, and we offer "country memberships" (since we are already in the country, we call these "remote memberships") for $15.00 to people who live more than 50 kilometres from our club.


For beginners, we provide a basic bridge course of 10-12 lessons depending on previous card-playing experience, together with introductory text books, for $70.00. This course is usually conducted on demand, although it works better if there are three or four players learning together.

The transition between these lessons and regular club play is provided by the Wednesday supervised sessions, which are designed to help players improve as they gain confidence.

Last updated: 01/03/2013